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UI/UX Tech Stack

We have selected two different tools that we wish all projects to utilize. This is not a set list, if you think another tool would better fit your project, allow you better creativity etc then please reach out to your respective staff advisor and propose this. We want to work with you – but if you don’t have a strong preference we will ask that you leverage our standard options.

Design Choice

We have selected Figma as our choice of design software. We have an education account that gives us access to the professional version for more features etc. All your design files should be within a project that is owned by BU Spark!. As the UI/UX designer you should receive an invite to the project where you can access, create and edit existing work. At no point should you create and store designs on your personal Figma account.

Handoff Software

We have selected as a piece of software to help handoff the designs to a developer team. This is an important part of the process and we have found Zeplin to help ease the transition. It gives you, the UI/UX designer more control over which design is shared with the project partner, software developer etc. It also gives developers access to layouts in a manner that is more amendable for building a website, app etc.

If you’d like to use Zeplin for your project please contact Ian on Slack.