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Useful Resources

  • Project Workflow Guide: The purpose of this document is to provide data science project groups with some guidelines on how to best structure their projects in a way that encourages consistent workflows across projects and promotes collaboration.

  • Project Document Template: This document serves as a template for a project outline documentation. It includes project goals, plans for implementation, proposed methologies and links to meeting notes documents. Teams can use this template to structure their project outlines, basing it off their meeting with stakeholders, project documents provided to them.

  • Exploratory Data Analysis: This document gives an introduction to exploratory data analysis. It includes descriptions on popular EDA python packages, different types of data and visualizations, and commonly-used statistical measures used in EDA.

  • EDA Example: This document provides an example of what a complete EDA looks like. See one way to clean, analyze, and explore a Boston 311-service request dataset in python using Pandas, Numpy, MatplotLib, Seaborn, and a geocoder for spatial data.

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