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Slack Channel Naming

Slack channels are used for different purposes and the name of those channels should consistently reflect the usage for that channel. As a result, we have adopted the following convention:

[i-]<season><2 digit year>-[type]-<project>-[mgmt/inst]


  • angle brackets (<>) mean the information needs to be fillled in but is required
  • square brackets ([]) mean that the information is optional but is literal
  • [i-] – indictates that the channel is internal and only the project team no third parties (like partners)
  • <season> – one of sp, fa, sum to indicate when the project is taking place
  • <2 digit year> – the year in two digits
  • [type] – This is an optional field but should be used if the project does have a type. Possible options are, ds(Data Science), se(Software Engineering), ml(Machine Learning), ux (UI/UX), and xcc(CoLabs/XCCs).
  • <project> – name of the project or class, preferably as short as reasonable
  • [mgmt] – optional, should include only Spark! staff, PMs, and TEs. May include EIRs and Mentors
  • [inst] – optional, should include only instructors and, at the instructor’s discretion, others


  • i-fa22-myproj
  • i-fa22-myproj-mgmt
  • fa22-myproj
  • i-sp22-myproj-inst