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Project Outline Template

Authors, 20xx-Month-Day vx.x.x-dev


A brief summary of the project based on initial research and stakeholder meetings. To the best of your abilities, explain at a high level the stakeholders’ desired outcome for the project as well as the potential business value or impact this project will have if successfully completed.

  1. Situation and current issues
  2. Key Questions
  3. Hypothesis: Overview of how it could be done
  4. Impact

A. Problem Statement:

In as direct terms as possible, provide the “Data Science” problem statement version of the overview. Think of this as translating the above into a more technical definition to execute on.

B. Checklist for project completion

Provide a bulleted list of the concrete deliverables and artifacts that, when complete, define the completion of the project.

  1. Deliverable 1
  2. Deliverable 2

C. Provide a solution in terms of human actions to confirm if the task is within the scope of automation through AI.

To assist in outlining the steps needed to achieve our final goal, outline the AI-less process that we are trying to automate with Machine Learning. Provide as much detail as possible.

D. Outline a path to operationalization.

Data Science Projects should have an operationalized end point in mind from the onset. Briefly describe how you see the tool produced by this project being used by the end user beyond a jupyter notebook or proof of concept. If possible, be specific and call out the relevant technologies


Data Sets


Weekly Meeting Updates

Keep track of ongoing meetings in a google doc and link it to this markdown

Example meeting notes google doc. You can create a copy of this document for your project and update the meeting document as the project progresses.